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Build a Fire: Collaborative Mentoring Practices for Nontenure Line Faculty

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Research indicates that nontenure-line faculty (NLF) have fewer opportunities to receive mentoring than tenure line faculty, even though they make up approximately two-thirds of faculty in this country. In addition, individual mentoring can be time intensive and inconsistent in quality. In this presentation, Dr. Sarah Angulo will share information about a new program she developed in her department to pilot collaborative mentorship for NLF faculty. She will discuss collaborative mentorship design, the pilot she conducted this year, lessons learned, and practical information about how NLF faculty can build collaborative mentoring programs in their own departments.
This workshop supports the university’s goal to provide the necessary services, resources, and infrastructure to support the university’s strategic direction, including programs to sustain a highly qualified, diverse, motivated, and satisfied faculty.

Presented by:
Dr. Sarah Angulo, Senior Lecturer, Psychology

60 minutes
Faculty Development