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9/14/23 How to Talk to Your Students About All Things AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Artificial Intelligence is here! No, it may not look like the walking, talking robots of the future (yet), but it’s a powerful tool that is making waves in the world and in our classrooms. How do we talk with our students about the expectations of this tool in our learning spaces? Join this session to hear from a panel of faculty who are doing just that. Panelists will share helpful information and ideas on setting expectations and providing guidelines on the use of AI in their classrooms.

If you need information about the basics of AI before this session, check out the recording Let’s Chat About ChatGPT from Spring 2023 (see link at the bottom).

Presented by:
Dr. Rachel Davenport, Senior Lecturer, Biology | Vice Chair of the Honor Code Council
Zachary Kelley, Lecturer, Department of Information Systems & Analytics
Dr. Jelena Tešić, Assistant Professor, Computer Science


60 minutes
Faculty Development