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Alkek One: Introduction to Audio Editing

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In this workshop, you will learn how to use Adobe Audition to create a voice-over for your next project and correct any mistakes that may have been made in the recording. We will review the sections of Audition, how to record and import audio in Audition, and how to fix stumbles in the recording. Please download the attached materials for use during the workshop.

We will use Adobe Audition for some hands-on activities during the workshop. If you do not have access to Adobe Creative Cloud and would like more information on how you can gain access, please email Brittney Johnson at brittney.johnson@txstate.edu.

(This workshop will be offered virtually; however, we will have limited seats available in the Alkek 105 instruction space. If you would like to request a seat in Alkek 105 for this workshop, please email Brittney Johnson at brittney.johnson@txstate.edu. Social-distancing and mask-wearing policies will be enforced, and the instructor will Zoom in for the session.)

adobe-audition, alkekone, audio-editing, youstar-studios
90 minutes
University Library
Workshop Materials:
wav file Audio Editing Recording Workshop
mp3 file Workshop Test Mixdown