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Connecting Classrooms with Distance Learning Platform (DLP1)

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Available on the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses, Connecting Classrooms with Distance Learning Platform (DLP1) is an orientation workshop that gives an overview of the amazing technology included in these Zoom based classrooms. This workshop focuses on connecting a classroom in San Marcos to a classroom in Round Rock and the unique challenges that comes with this system. If attending in-person, you will have the opportunity to try out the technology during the allotted time.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
- Connect two DLP rooms together
- Share content in the classroom and for remote participants
- Connect a DLP classroom to a Zoom meeting
- Utilize the Zoom Room controls needed to conduct remote, face-to-face, or hyflex instruction
- Operate the technology components in a DLP classroom

Who Should Attend:
- Faculty teaching in a DLP1 Classroom and/or staff supporting these classrooms. These rooms are:
- Avery (RRC) 319, 355, 364, 365, 366
- Derrick 235, 325
- Encino 204
- Flowers G06B
- McCoy 224

Important note:
- If you are teaching or supporting a DLP2 classroom (all other McCoy DLP rooms and Derrick 333), please sign up for the Getting Started with DLP2 workshop.
- The time listed for this workshop is 60 minutes. Additional time after the workshop is available for participants who would like hands on time to use the system and run through individual practice.

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60 minutes
IT Assistance Center (ITAC)
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