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V-Day Alkek Library-Texas State University "The Vagina Monologues" 2018

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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Eve Ensler’s inspiring play that advocates to end violence and discrimination against women, women of color, and trans women. We will provide the monologues for students, faculty and staff who are interested in reading. Refreshments provided while supplies last.

Sign up here online, or in person. Choose the session above that corresponds to your chosen monologue in the script on the list below. Note that some have more than one role/reader part available. If you identify as male, you can sign up for #19 THE MAN PRAYER.

To learn more about V-Day Alkek Library Texas State, call (512)245-8547. To learn more about V-Day and its campaigns visit www.vday.org. Once you sign up for a reading slot come by Alkek 105-106 on 2/14 from 3.30-5pm to read your monologue!

Here is a list of the Monologue titles, and first lines:
1. INTRODUCTION (3 readers/actresses) First Line: I bet you're worried.
2. HAIR First Line: You cannot love a vagina unless you love hair.
3. LISTS (3 readers/actresses) First Line: All of the women were asked the following questions.
4. FLOOD First Line: Down there?
5. THE VAGINA WORKSHOP First Line: My vagina is a shell, a round pink tender shell opening and closing, closing and opening.
6. VAGINA HAPPY FACT First Line: Here is a vagina happy fact.
7. THEY BEAT THE GIRL OUT OF MY BOY...OR SO THEY TRIED (5 readers/actresses) First Line: At five years old I was putting my baby sister's diapers on.
8. BECAUSE HE LIKED TO LOOK AT IT First Line: This is how I came to love my vagina.
9. NOT-SO-HAPPY-FACT First Line: This is a not-so-happy fact found in UNICEF's 2013 Report, "Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting. A Statistical Overview and Exploration of the dynamics of Change."
10. MY ANGRY VAGINA (This title is not normally read out loud) First Line: My vagina's angry.
11. MY VAGINA WAS MY VILLAGE First Line: My vagina was green, water soft pink fields, cow mooing sun resting sweet boyfriend touching lightly with soft piece of blonde straw.
12. MY SHORT SKIRT First Line: My short skirt
13. THE LITTLE COOCHI SNORCHER THAT COULD First Line: Memory: December 1965, five years old
14. RECLAIMING CUNT First Line: I call it cunt.
15. SIX YEAR OLD GIRL First Line: A six-year-old girl was asked:
17. I WAS THERE IN THE ROOM First Line: I was there when her vagina opened.
18. OVER IT This essay will close the event.
19. THE MAN PRAYER (Optional for Male Participants) This is optional, if you identify as a man you are welcome to read this piece.

3 minutes
University Library
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