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Presenting at an Undergraduate Research Conference - Workshop 4: Find Your Words

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During this workshop, we will discuss tips for preparing and giving a memorable and engaging presentation. We will talk about the difference between giving a verbal presentation from the front of a large meeting space versus presenting your work to small groups or individuals during a poster session. Sometimes it can be tricky to know what to include or exclude during a conference presentation, so we will talk about what aspects of your research are most important to present to an audience and the order in which they should be presented.

This workshop will also cover recommendations about public speaking, what to wear when presenting, how to plan your conference schedule, and how to interact with other scholars attending an academic conference. We will hear words of advice from students who have presented at undergraduate conferences in the past in order to learn from their first-timer mistakes and achievements.

For those without extensive travel experience, we will also talk about how to plan your trip from start to finish. Finally, we will discuss travel-related policies and procedures for purchase and reimbursement, to help make sure your travel costs will be reimbursed once you get home from your trip.

conference, find-your-words, honors-college, undergraduate-research
60 minutes
Honors College
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