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Fall 2015 US 1100 Instructor Development Workshop #2 (August)

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AGENDA - (note to attendees - the ballroom can be cold to some people, please bring a jacket)

11:45-01:00pm: Peer Mentor meet and great with lunch - only instructors with assigned mentors need to be present for this portion of the workshop

01:00-01:15pm: Check-in (appetizers will be available from 2:00-4:30pm)
01:15-01:45pm: Welcome and Introductions - Dr. Daniel A. Brown, Dean of University College and Director of the PACE Center (to include introductions of Associate Deans with brief remarks from each on strategic goals for US 1100 program in 2015-2016)
01:45-02:00pm: Career Services presentation - Mr. Ralph Leal, Associate Director, Career Services
02:00-02:15pm: Break
02:15-03:15pm: Common Reading Program - Mr. Twister Marquiss, Director, Common Reading Program
03:15-03:30pm: Break
03:30-03:40pm: Attorney for Students - Dr. Shannon Fitzpatrick
03:40-03:50pm: PACE Assignment Responses - Mr. Twister Marquiss, Coordinator, PACE Juried Assessment
03:50-04:00pm: Announcements - Ms. Susan M. Rolls, Associate Director, University Seminar Program
04:00-04:15pm: Break

04:15-04:45pm: Learning Communities – Dr. Bryan Glass (only instructors assigned to a learning community need to stay of this portion of the workshop)

315 minutes
University Seminar