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Fall 2014 US 1100 Instructor Development Workshop #2 (August)

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This agenda is subject revision.

The BALLROOM is COLD for some, please bring a SWEATER/JACKET.

8:00am - Meet your PACE Mentor: Victoria Black sent out emails to the instructors who were assigned a mentor for their fall class(es).
If you are not meeting with a mentor on Friday, please arrive by 9:30am.

9:30am - Check In

9:45am - Opening Remarks: Dean Brown
Back to School Communication Strategy

10:05am - Common Experience Theme and Book discussion: Twister Marquiss

11:05am - Lunch
Featuring Music of the Struggle and Door Prizes

11:55am - Best Practices in the US 1100 classroom (table discussion): Dean Brown
Discussion in US 1100
Helping Students Understand the Value of US 1100
PACE Assignments Best Practices
US 1100 Classroom Management
Writing in US 1100

12:45pm - Attorney for Students: Shannon Fitzpatrick

12:50pm - Closing Remarks: Dean Brown
Door Prizes

300 minutes
University Seminar