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Getting Started with NVivo 9

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NVivo—a qualitative research software—helps researchers to manage, shape, and make sense of unstructured information.

Do you want to begin using NVivo to help you analyze your qualitative data? Are you not sure where to begin? If so, then this training seminar is for you.

Who should attend?
• Faculty, graduate students, or others with limited or no familiarity with NVivo;
• Faculty, graduate students, or others who are conducting or who are planning to conduct qualitative data analysis;
• Faculty, graduate students, or others who are conducting quantitative studies with open ended inputs who wish to extend their analyses toward mixed methods findings;
• Faculty, graduate students, or others who are conducting or who are planning to conduct content analysis.

This training seminar will help you to get started with NVivo basics. Participants should have already determined an analysis plan (i.e. coding, content analysis, etc.) for their data, as qualitative analysis software only helps to enact your analysis plan—it will not help you to formulate a data analysis strategy or research design. This training will show you how to use qualitative software to assist you with conducting analyses. This training also covers the implications and limitations of qualitative research software for teaching graduate students and for professional publication.

This training will guide you through a sample NVivo project, teaching you the basic steps involved in:
• Creating a project;
• Gathering your source materials;
• Creating nodes; and,
• Simple coding.

While this training will review some fundamental aspects of qualitative data analysis, it is designed for participants who are already adept at qualitative analysis.

Training Prerequisites:
• Basic computer skills; and
• Proficiency with qualitative data analysis.

If time permits, I will provide 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the session for individual questions about your data.

180 minutes
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