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Developing a New Doctoral Program Proposal

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
9am – Noon
Undergraduate Academic Center, room 474

The university's 2012-2017 strategic plan prioritizes doctoral programs and the workshop will be most germane to those departments submitting proposals to the Coordinating Board in 2016. However, others are welcome to attend and learn more about the unique aspects of seeking a new doctoral program.

Topics include: history of doctoral programs at Texas State, internal and external curriculum policies and processes, reporting requirements, writing the major components of the proposal, and a panel discussion. There will be plenty of time for interaction and discussion.

Presenters include: Micky Autrey, Michael Supancic, Debbie Thorne, Paula Williamson and Mike Willoughby.

Please feel free to forward this if you know of others who are interested. Please contact Debbie Thorne at dm29@txstate.edu or 245-1217 for any questions.

180 minutes
Associate VP for Academic Affairs - Archived Account