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June 11 @ 10:30 a.m., ODEL's Summer Institute KeyNote Speaker - Dr. Richard Mayer, "Evidence-Based Principles for Designing Online Multimedia Instruction".

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*Please note this session begins at 10:30, not 10:00 a.m.

The Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL) is proud to present guest speaker, Dr. Richard Mayer, as part of our first annual Summer Institute event! The theme of this event is Texas State Strong: Creating Resilient Courses. For more information about our Summer Institute, go to https://www.distancelearning.txstate.edu/faculty/Summer-Institute0.html.

This keynote session is open to all university faculty and staff.

Dr. Mayer's presentation, Evidence-Based Principles for Designing Online Multimedia Instruction, examines 12 evidence-based principles for how to design effective and resilient instruction in online multimedia environments. The principles are grounded in the science of learning and the science of instruction.

Dr. Richard Mayer is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research interests include determining how people learn and how to transfer that learning to new situations, particularly at the intersection of cognition, instruction, and technology. His current projects are multimedia learning, computer-supported learning, and computer games for learning. Dr. Mayer has served as President of the Educational Psychology division of the American Phycological Association and Vice President of the American Education Research Association (AERA) in the learning and Instruction division (Division C). He is also a Thorndike Award winner for career achievement in educational psychology. He has won the Scribner Award for outstanding research in learning and instruction and American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Contribution of Applications of Psychology to Education and Training Award. Dr. Mayer is ranked #1 as the most productive educational psychologist in the world by Contemporary Educational Psychology. His latest book, Multimedia Learning, 3rd Ed. (2021) further contributes to his Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning model and reviews the 15 principles of multimedia instructional design based on hundreds of newest research studies. His research is grounded in cognitive theory and how people learn from words and graphics. Learn more about Dr. Mayer at https://psych.ucsb.edu/people/faculty/richard-mayer.

gaming, hybrid-learning, multimedia, online-learning
60 minutes
Online & Extended Programs
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