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Teaching Online @ TxState - Online Teaching Certification Course (Hybrid delivery)

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*NOTE: You will receive an invitation to access the Canvas course site approximately one week before the date of the synchronous session. The synchronous session will be held in Zoom. Consistent attendance is required along with active participation and engagement.

Hybrid Course Description:
The Teaching Online at Texas State Hybrid course is comprised of approximately 4 hours of online, asynchronous work and 4 hours of synchronous time. There will also be an optional 1 hour lab and Q&A session following the synchronous meeting. The majority of the 4 hours of asynchronous time is designated as “Before Class” activities to complete before attending the synchronous session. These online modules consist of videos, audio files, interactive and informational and practice activities, text, and quizzes. These modules should be completed sequentially.

Modules labeled as “In Class” contain additional information and materials from the synchronous session for your review.

Modules labeled as “After class” will be unlocked after your attendance in the synchronous session.

Modules marked as “Optional” are provided strictly for use at your discretion. Rather than quizzes, these modules contain “Check your knowledge” activities. These scores will not be considered as part of your certification to teach online at Texas State.

This Teaching Online at Texas State hybrid course in Canvas is one of several official paths approved by the faculty who serve on the Distance and Extended Learning Steering Committee, for faculty certification to teach online and hybrid courses at Texas State University.

Registration and enrollment information:
1) Sign up for the course.
2) Our office will add you to the course in Canvas.
3) You will receive course access information from the Office of Distance and Extended Learning about one week before the synchronous meeting date.

Online teaching certification information:
To be certified to teach online and hybrid courses at Texas State University, complete and pass the asynchronous portion of this course and attend the 4-hour synchronous session. The course consists of several modules, each marked as Before Class, In Class, After Class, and Optional. Be sure to complete the modules marked as “Before Class” before coming to the synchronous session. Understanding the material in the “Before Class” modules, will better prepare you for activities during the synchronous session. More information about pathways for online teaching certification can be found on the Office of Distance and Extended Learning website @ https://www.distancelearning.txstate.edu/faculty/online-teaching-certification.html.

If you need assistance with your course before this session begins, please schedule an appointment at: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/OfficeofDistanceandExtendedLearning@txst.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/

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