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Survivor's Guide to the Internetz

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Why are your students e mailing each other videos? What does ROFTL TLTQ PWND mean? What’s an internet meme? What’s a hashtag? What does “trending” mean? Why do some people call it the “internets”? If these are questions you’ve been asking yourself, this is the workshop for you.

We will cover a variety of subjects including internet colloquialisms, phone texting shorthand, online subcultures, viral videos & advertising, internet memes, social media and improv culture, trending, internet memes, online games & jargon and more. We will be discussing the significance, relevance and giving you a brief primer on all these subjects so next time your students throw a strange phrase your way, you know what they mean or you know where to go to look it up.

Audience participation and questions are welcomed. Send us an E mail at etcrdt@txstate.edu and suggest a viral video and we may feature your video in our workshop!

60 minutes
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