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Refresher on Correlation and Regression

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This course on correlation and regression serves as a refresher on concepts associated with bivariate correlation and multiple regression. Topics include the following:
. Pearson product-moment correlation: coefficient of determination
. Simple regression: regression equation, least squares estimation, sources of variation
. Multiple regression: multiple regression equation, regression coefficients
. Assumptions associated with simple and multiple regression and how to test for those assumptions
. Knowledge of introductory statistical concepts and notation (e.g., r, ?)
. Knowledge of levels of measurement (e.g., nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)
. Knowledge of basic terminology (e.g., predictor, criterion, slope)
Special notes:
. This is NOT a software training seminar. This is a statistical training seminar. Some examples will be conducted in SPSS but personal computers will not be provided and they are definitely not required.
. A fill-in-the-blank handout will be provided as an email attachment to attendees, but attendees are personally responsible for printing it out and bringing it to the seminar. Handouts will not be provided in the seminar by the instructor.

180 minutes
Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (TEMC) - Archived Account
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