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CourseLeaf CLSS Training & Workshop

Session Details

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 9:00AM - 10:30AM
This session was cancelled.
AVRY 351 Round Rock
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Topic Details

CourseLeaf CLSS Training & Workshop

This session will instruct power-users how to use the COURSELEAF CLSS software.
Topics include:
1. Viewing heat maps
2. Validation
3. Using the schedule snapper and proposing changes to sections
4. Viewing other courses data
5. Using filters for reporting
6. Viewing historical data
7. Multiple instructors
8. Cross-listing (Stacked)
9. Linked sections
10. Using the workflow and approval module

Workshop: 1.5 hour
This session would allow people who have already attended a training session to make scheduling edits. The session is for those who have already attended training as there will not be step by step training, rather admins and the trainer will be there to help power-users make specific edits as needed.

90 minutes
Workshop Materials:
pdf file Updating The Soc Using Clss
pdf file Course Leaf Clss Qr 072517