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Data Analysis with SAS JMP Workshop

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The workshop will focus on applied examples of how SAS JMP can be used for common data analytic tasks (e.g., examples will include types of analyses that are often seen in peer-reviewed journal articles). Bring your own data. The workshop will examine the following: (1) JMP basics (menus, help, navigation and the JMP interface); (2) data summary and visualization with the Graph Builder, Mapping, the Data Filter, Tabulate, Bubble Plot, and Scatterplots; (3) basic data analysis using Distribution, Fit Y by X, and Fit Model; (4) multivariate methods; (5) JMP tips and tricks (saving work, sharing your work, getting data into JMP); (6) other topics upon request, including DOE, quality Tools (SPC, Process Capability, MSA), mixed models, market research, and time series analysis; and (7) resources for learning and teaching with JMP.

90 minutes
Faculty Development