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Establishing and Maintaining the "Write" Habit: Getting a Jump Start on Your Fall Academic Writing

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Did you know that if you wrote just 30 minutes a day, every day, within one year you could have written 10 articles or a book (McIntosh, 2009)? As professors, we are expected to publish prolifically and help our students to do the same. Yet few of us have ever been taught how to establish and maintain the “write” habit. How can we help ourselves to become less stressed, more productive, and better as writers? Which instructional strategies can help us to improve our writing?

In this workshop, participants will become familiar with instructional strategies for helping themselves establish a regular and productive, stress-free writing habit. This interactive session is designed to inspire, motivate, and provide techniques that can be applied immediately to one’s academic writing life. You will experience an atmosphere that emphasizes creative recovery and the joy and benefits of taking time for yourself to focus on you and your writerly needs. You’ll learn eleven principles for getting power over yourself and your writing process, a writing technique designed specifically to make you nine times more productive, and a technique for making your editing fun!

150 minutes
Faculty Development