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Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

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Today's graduates have to learn current concepts but must also be prepared to grasp new ideas and quickly apply them to their careers. Educators are training students for jobs that don't exist yet, and graduates are expected to be proactive in defining and shaping these new roles. Entrepreneurship is valued both inside and outside of organizations. How can we best prepare students to be successful in an environment that requires flexibility and innovation? And how can anyone apply this model throughout a career? How can educators encourage a mindset for learning that goes beyond an emphasis on specific tool training or a particular skill set? Cindy Royal, associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication who recently completed the Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University, will offer advice to both students and faculty on innovative teaching and learning approaches.

This workshop is sponsored by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication for its Mass Communication Week and by the Office of Academic Development and Assessment.

90 minutes
Faculty Development